Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slow Hump Day

Today is a very slow hump day.  Half way through the week, but I have double duty the next two days - working and then refereeing soccer.  This makes me think even more about some luxurious relaxation.
Love the chandelier!  Mabley Handler Interior Design
Brooke Giannetti
Velvet & Linen

All of the above images were discovered on  

From BHG.  Neutral palette, gray base.
This is a little golfy.
I like this color green for something... kitchen?  laundry room?
Digging the use of pattern and just the right amount of color in this bath.
I'd originally wanted to do a shade of green for the living room, but lately have been on a gray kick.  This green accent wall looks fitting.
It doesn't get much simpler than this. Paint a large artist's canvas or piece of MDF in your favorite color. We used a calm beige shade of gray. Then wrap white tape around the canvas, crisscrossing the tape as you go. For an ultra-subtle contrast, paint a few of the resulting triangles in a slightly darker hue.      David Bromstad would be proud.
This is a good olive green for the walls.

Really into Chairs lately.  Check out these from Horchow:

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