Monday, November 14, 2011

Invitation Books

Trying to create something that I love, but be reasonable and realistic at the same time.  I'm thinking about simple invitations, but adding ribbon or envelope liners, or additional cards.  Or I can print one piece and add it to a DIY setup, and add layers of papers.  Here are some of the things that have got my wheels turning.
Of course I still love this custom one...

An etsy find.  DIY, envelopper or paper source style, but could add printed pieces from Carlson Craft.
A simple letterpress invite.  Could do only the invitation card in letterpress, but could add an envelope liner, and additional flat printed pieces to this.
A Nautical Invitation Story on Oh So Beautiful Paper

Love the "You're Invited!" and the "RSVP" printed envelope liners.

I like that the 'rope' is tying everything together here, so it still feels like one presentation. Could use a rattan style or a navy and white bakers twine.
Vellum wrapping is a nice simple option for holding everything together.
A little detail on a striped liner.  Could this be a sticker?
Also thinking about a navy and white striped liner, or a solid navy liner, or another map liner.  Could print a text liner, or any of these as a belly band.  Perhaps a matching belly band! With a sticker! And an anchor!  Woohoo!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Working in London

Well I am working in my same cube in New Jersey, but I am looking at British blogs.  Can only dream.

Finding some all around cool things.  Bear with the randomness.

I could see these hung up in the kitchen or dining area wall.
Utility Design, UK

Checking out an artist that I found from a Moo email. 

On the blog, I found this cool post about Giants - about artist Jason Barnhart.
Jason Barnhart. 

A Shit Box for Tim...
A Pocket Shower for Bethany, to make camping enjoyable:

A cool addition to the wedding invitations, by Chris Hannah, made on Moo:
So, Tim, this is what you'd like our wedding to look like?

enough for today.