Monday, August 22, 2011

HGTV & Loews w Tim

 Went into Loews this weekend with Tim, and stopped in the paint sample area for a few minutes.  It is such a beautiful area, with colors in rainbow order all around you.  I chose a few samples and asked Tim for his input.  He does not like pink or orange, and likes yellow as an accent but not as a wall color.  He had a preference on the shades of green.  He preferred the more saturated tones.  We both like gray and browns.  He was open to the idea of a purple shade for the kitchen, but preferred a light blue.

In looking through some home design blogs, I have noticed a few things:
  1. You can keep the furniture and wall color fairly neutral, and punch it up with accessories such as pillows, floral touches, throws, and curtains.
  2. Don't get stuck on making everything a solid color.  Integrate patterns, multiple patterns, as long as they keep a common color as the base.
  3. A colored chair can be a good choice rather than going crazy on the couch.  You can always reupholster the chair.
  4. Add texture.
Here are some photos I am enjoying:
What about adding a color layer to images, and using that as a color accent piece?  Could do this in the kitchen w black and whites of friends. Or, as an alternative, could find photos that are heavy in each color - picture on the beach - blue; picture on soccer field - green; everybody wearing yellow...

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Could this work in the center of our living room, as a smooth transition from the bar to the living area?
Lots of pattern going on here, but all in the same color scheme, so it works.
Hot chair!  Don't forget about custom upholstery.
Go bright for the kitchen, and tie in colors.
Kind of plain, but notice the neutral couch, rug, and walls, but with one exciting accent wall.

What a cute idea for if kids have to share a room.

Our wedding pictures hanging on the walls sure would look nice in here!                              

With the bright white ceiling and lighting, the white cushioned chairs, and the light colored floor, the navy isn't bad!
I am feeling this.  It seems very grown up, and somewhat formal, but still comfy (see fuzzy pillow on far left).
This looks golfy to me, but also looks just slightly countryhouse.
This classic and textural space allows for cozying up by the fireplace, regular social gatherings and everyday family time spent enjoying games, lively conversation and quiet reading.
We could go with a super sized couch!  
Like the candle chandelier, the custom patterned chair accents, and that they used dark rugs to separate the areas, without having to go w dark furniture.
Wow! There is a lot going on here.  The main thing that caught my eye was the four square images on the back wall.
This certainly looks cozy.
The chair pattern, design of the ottoman/bench, and the wall color and floor material all add to this feeling like a golf room.  We do not have dark, rich floors, so I don't think this would work.
Amy - this is for you.

This is gorgeous!

In the TV room, Maureen added neutral wall-to-wall carpet and used warm beige faux suede fabrics on both the walls and in the heavy curtains. “I wanted to make it feel like the inside of a jewel box,” Maureen says of the plush, tone-on-tone look. “When the fog rolls in on Nantucket, you just want to get under a blanket. We watch movie after movie in there—it’s like a cocoon.”

Just reminiscing now.
Yes, this is actually a bathroom.
This space needed to triple as a home office, art studio and lounge area, so Candice includes moveable track and under-mounted cabinet lighting to provide plenty of task lighting. In the lounge area, a funky helix-shaped fixture in teal and purple crystals adds ambience.

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