Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BHG, Crafting DIY, Cheese.

I am super sleepy right now.  Perhaps continuing to watch Kardashians and What Not To Wear until 2 am was not a good call.  Got my weekly Better Homes and Gardens email, so onto home design dreams I go...
Could make a quilt out of old soccer jerseys, and then frame it.  Or could do one out of golf apparel.  Hmm.
Like the rug, and the layout of the pillows.
From BHG: Make sure each pattern features the same primary hue to make mixing and matching a success. Select cool or neutral hues to create a room that exudes serenity and calm. Look to bright and warm colors to foster a sense of good cheer, energy, and coziness.

This looks wonderously cozy!
 Bedding: Thread Counts: When shopping for linens, don't be fooled by high thread counts. While it's true a higher thread count -- the number of threads per square inch -- can mean better quality, the true test is actually what the sheets are made from. For top-notch sheets that are durable, mostly lint-free, and luxuriously soft, look for pima, Egyptian, or Supima cotton. A 250-thread-count sheet set made from these cottons can feel softer after washing than a 400- or 500-thread-count set made from a cotton-polyester blend.

This one looks quite luxurious.  I was instantly drawn to it.  Beautiful, polished, graceful, and delicate, yet touchable.
 OOOOHHH!  Look at this!

Switching gears a little...
A cheese article from Bethany:

DIY Projects:
A few cools sites:

I think I really want to start reupholstering things.  I have watched a few tutorials, and it makes me pretty excited.  Get an old chair for cheap, tear it up, and put any super cool fabric on it.  I found a ritzy chair that I absolutely loved, but it was like $3,000, and got me thinking.

Mini Polaroid Magnets:

Based off of this project:
Then cover the face of the chip with paper glaze. It dries with a clear, raised glass-like surface. There are a few products on the market; I used Aleene's Paper Glaze. Let it dry overnight.

Another coold tutorial about how to make bows out of magazines, papers, maps:

I have been wondering for quite a while now what decoupage really meant.  And then today I found out that it is modern decoupage, and mod podge is the popular product to use.  It is a glue, sealant, and finish.
And another possible map project:
Oooooohhhhh - look!

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