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A sea coral-inspired light blue and ocher color palette gives a curl-up-and-relax vibe to this beach retreat. The soft and refreshing neutral colors complement the simple design of this living room, making it the perfect escape.
Like how they tied in the color to the frame.  It really adds a pop of color.
I had seen this one before, and think it is a little harsh.  I think it is too cold for a bedroom.  Makes me think about how to add more soft texture to my bedroom.
Why We Love It: Monochromatic color schemes are unified and soothing, a perfect choice for bedrooms. The only pattern is found on subtly striped pillows that are showcased against white bedding.
Still loving this room.  Think it could be a great model of a guest bedroom.
Love the dark walls and the floral touches.  They make it look very rich and luxurious.
This is super-fun!

Plum and Sand.  Look for shades of purple that have a slightly red hue to pull out the warm tones in a room.  
Wheat & Warm Yellow: the look is on the lighter side with the help of soft shades of khaki, cream, and yellow.
Soft green paint works as a great neutral background, especially inside this open-plan condo where it helps define a conversation area. Rich brown upholstery unifies an assortment of bargain pieces and hand-me-down furnishings, striking a dramatic silhouette against the pale green walls. The neutral warmth of brown and green allows patterns and colors to mix freely. Colorful bursts of orange and magenta add vibrancy while old pieces revived with white lacquer lighten the mood.
Could Marf make curtains out of the table runner material?  Oooh!
Notice the collection of starfish.
This one-of-a-kind bookshelf was created by enlarging vintage travel ads and decoupaging them to an unfinished wood shelving unit.
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Like this color palette.
Stools are a chic way to keep extra seating on hand without visually weighing down a room. A matching set face off against a sofa in this family room, completing the seating circle while leaving the view open
Make a dramatic statement by anchoring a focal-point wall with a large piece of art. To achieve a lot of bang without spending a lot of bucks, create your own masterpiece. The striking dandelion silhouette showcased in this family room was made by having the motif, which the homeowners found online, enlarged and printed on flexible poster paper at a copy store. Stretched over a canvas frame, the look cost less than $100 to produce.
Sand and Sky.
Dark gray, white, and orange, touch of green.  Digging it.            A monochromatic palette plus one accent hue is a simple way to create a chic, pulled together room. In this family room, bold bands of orange line curtains and embellish throws pillows, sketching a graphic outline. A floral rug rendered in rusty oranges and browns and a coffee table crafted from stained 1x4s introduce a toasty warmth that balances the crisp coolness of the white sofas.
Look at all these pillows!!!!                               Three matching daybeds piled with plump pillows makes a wonderful grouping for cozy conversation. Pale yellow walls compensate for the lack of natural light in this north-facing room. Neutral fabrics on the cushions allow the furniture frames and pillows to shine. Orange curtain panels bring zest to the pale walls, while a deep red rug anchors the color scheme.

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