Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Shorter hair?
I have always loved baby's breath flowers... I remember having them in my hair during dance recitals, dances, and feeling beautiful.
 Dress from last post: That is a Monique Lhuillier dress…the Scarlet gown.

Paul Johnson Photography - based out of Florida.  Boo.
 More Photographers: Need to check their locale:

Awesome Post I found about the Bathroom Baskets: What To Put in the Bathroom Basket
Here are some of my recommendations for that “bathroom basket”:
1. Create a base with a pretty basket or tray like this Vanity Mirror Tray with Beveled Edges by Danielle Ultra  Decorative Box
2. Add a nice smelling scent in the form of a bamboo reed diffuser from Mirage.? No.
3. Help guests feel fresh by including Colgate Wisps Mini Toothbrushes, Antiperspirant and Deodorant Aerosol Spray, a nicely scented lotion, and Mints  Wisps, Gum, Spray Deoderant
4. Include things to help touch-up hair and makeup such as Sephora Blotting Papers, eye makeup removing swabs, hairspray, bobby pins, and a flat iron.   A straightening iron might be taking it too far, but face blotters, bobby pins, face wipes, and hairspray sound good.
?5. Make sure guests can defeat those after meal blues by providing Alka-Seltzer Tablets and Tums  Yes, Yes, and Ibuprofen
6. Finally, don’t forget those other “needs” guests may have by providing bandaids, tampons, and foot petals.  Tampons only.

I would add in RED BULL or 5-hour Energy!

Ummm... This is AWESOME!  Love my colors!


I just this this is so delicate and pretty, very feminine
YESSSS! Love, love, love this by Paul Johnson Photo:

This is very pretty.  Making me rethink the navy dresses.

M Out!

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