Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beach Ceremony Pics at Golden Inn

Here are some beach ceremony pics from the Golden Inn.  I did not include the ones with sunbathers in the background, as it is just too painful to consider.
Short dresses all around?  Bride looks smutty.

Barefoot w cuffed pants

Simple trellis on beach.

Stupid outfits on the girls.  Considering the guys' look.

Just judging the outfits.

Tulle lining the walkway to the ceremony.  Something to consider.

Here are some others from other beach sites:

White wood and padded folding chairs

Many folding chairs per row.

Lace dress on the beach

What I DON'T want: Sloppy looking flip flops.  It just looks odd on the girls. Why the more formal dresses with flip flops?  Dumb.

Eww, stupid flip flops on the girls.

White linen, Navy napkins.  At AYC.

Judging the footwear situation.  Guests standing.

Guests standing.

All for now.

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