Monday, December 5, 2011

Invitation Samples on the Way

Invitation samples are on their way.  Here is my favorite after looking through everything.

It is a pretty pearly shimmer card, with silvery tones, with a slate ink.  I am wondering if I could opt for a dark blue ink.  I could add a ribbon, and maybe even print a map card.  I could add an envelope liner - maybe navy and white stripes, or a monotone map.Or... I could print our names on a liner, or type "You're invited" and "RSVP" on the liners.  I am hoping inspiration will roll in with the samples!

Our engagement pictures arrived, and are absolutely gorgeous!

Had a few revelations after being at a family wedding this past weekend.
  1. Be clear with the girls that I want them all getting ready with me.
  2. Proactively think of things for the Lind girls.  Consider "Sister of the Groom" shirts... but then what for Bethany?  Iron on shirts for everyone involved.  Cheap ones.  Real cheap.
  3. Make sure people have the schedule.  Have a point person, that is not me or Tim.  No cell phones.
  4. Make pictures as painless as possible.
  5. Nobody missed the garter or bouquet toss.
  6. Bride and groom kicked off reception w a toast (Jameson).
  7. I always miss the guest book.  Maybe put it at the card table instead of at the door.
  8. Be intentional w getting ready pics.  Stage the room.  Must have a suite.
  9. The morning after brunch was such a great end to the weekend.  On one invitation design I saw Adieu Donuts.  It doesn't need to be formal, just some coffee, bagels, and doughnuts go a long way.  Can we fit this in the budget?
All for now!

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