Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tim says that I have left the walls of our home bare and unfinished.  I keep debating the perfect photos to get printed, which frames and how many.  Should I have art downstairs in the dining area, or should I go with Euro style prints?  Should those frames be square to make it look a little more modern to match the colorful stripes that fill the rest of the area?

In the spirit of doing some work on my home, I started browsing my favorite decor shops.  Here are some cute summery things I found at Pier 1.

Here is a living room gallery shot that I like for its polka dot curtains, and suede inspired wall color (below).  It is masculine, yet has a distinctive softness to it.
My focus points are the following areas:
  1. Bedroom Pictures
  2. Kitchen Pictures
  3. Living Room Curtains
  4. Bedroom Curtains
  5. Patio

 Lunch is over.  All for now.

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