Tuesday, January 17, 2012

About to order invite pieces

I am about to order the formal pieces of the invitations.  Just doing one last look online before I send it away.

Check out these cool red, white, and blue invitations.  I came across this in looking for envelope liner paper.
This is how I want to wrap the ribbon.

A neat blog full of paper products and projects: SmockPaper

How cool would this be?  Picture the invitation, mountsd on a navy shimmer stock, with the navy and white ribbon peaking out?

For some reason this ribbon wrapping catches my eye:

And how about this liner?

Here is a really neat travel-inspired invite by Lilly & Louise that was featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper.  I really like how the twine looks, and am interested in the tags too!
The full article is here.

Here is a cool liner.  This one is for a baby shower, but obviously could be modified for a wedding.
By Smitten Owl, featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

More from Lilly and Louise, featured on their own blog:
See how the twine is incorporated.
And again here.

Really think I want to order this $35 stamp instead of getting invitation envelopes printed.
About to order! Wish me luck!  Aaaaahhhh! <sigh>.

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