Monday, May 2, 2011

The Search for Affordable Letterpress Continues...

Dingbat press

Dingbat Press
hese are the top 10 colors for spring released by Pantone this year.  I think it is missing a major color!  Purple and lots of it.  Deep eggplant, brighter plum.  If it's purple, it's in weddings this year.  Honeysuckle, in the top left corner, is the closest thing to purple and it definitely popping out!  The oranges are big in fashion.  I am still partial to the blues and ocean colors the really surged last year.  Such a peaceful palette.

So here's the question for your wedding - what are your colors going to be?  Choosing colors are the easiest and earliest design elements chosen.  The colors affect the attendants dresses, grooms suits or tux pieces, floral design, linens, lighting, table settings, and so on.  The most common question I am asked is should the color reflect the time of year or the location.  My answer is no, does not have to at all.  I do think chocolate, gold and red look best in the fall, but black and white can be very crisp and clean in June!  Choose colors the you love to look at because you'll be looking at them for a long time, well after the wedding in photos and keepsakes.  Also pick colors that represent you as a couple and infuse your personal style into the decor and aesthetic.  This isn't to say you can't have purple and green for a vineyard wedding, but if you hate purple, please don't use it just because there's grapes in the picture.
At a reception, bowls with floating candles, peonies, roses, and ranunculuses "dot" a boldly striped runner. Neutral linens give the eye a place to rest.

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The classic ensemble of a striped button-down shirt and French-knot cuff links inspired these favors in summery hues, which we filled with saltwater taffy.

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CTS is the bomb diggity.

We love this for a nautical wedding, this summer or for a groom who would like a boutonniere that will not quickly fade away. The figure eight sailor knot has a special meaning to wedding ceremonies as it is created (much like your vows) to not break under pressure and to withstand time securely. - Sparkling Sapphire Retanglo Pocket Fold - $.80/each - metallic. 
  • Letterpress printed design
  • 65 lb. Pearl White Imprintable Finish
  • Invitations measures 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches
  • 10 cards / 10 Dalton blue envelopes
  • 100% cotton paper
  • $16/box of 10

Check this out from Aerialist Press: 
And another...
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Really like the shape and layout
I really like the dimension and layering on this piece:
This is similar to the invite that I had found originally with the navy and white striped ribbon.  The above invite is $7.50 per set, and below is $6.75 per set.

This is sort of what I had in mind with combining letterpress and flat printing, below.

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